LED Module Repair

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Nowadays, LED display signs are prevalent almost everywhere – found in shopping malls, shops, elevators, and taxis, offering both convenience and aesthetic appeal.

However, the lack of LED module maintenance skills presents a challenge. Faulty modules often require costly repairs from the manufacturer, leading to dissatisfaction and high transportation expenses. LED modules, crucial to display performance, comprise LED luminescence points, a driver chip, and a PCB, with indoor and outdoor variants available.  

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LED Module Fault Description Solutions

Q1: The whole LED module has no power / dark screen ?

A1: Check the LED module power supply/ module power cable and power connector working good or not.

Q2: Two or more LED modules connected together, Showing the image is abnormal?

A2: Check the LED modules data cable / HUB port data connector working good or not.

Q3: When the LED modules powered on, there is single led lamp or several led lamps are black or the color show is inconsistent ?

A3: If led lamp is dark ,for this situation maybe it is the death of led lamp ,please replace by the new led lamps .If the led lamps` color showing is inconsistent, however when you press with your finger, the color returns to normal, for this situation caused by the led lamps` poor welding , then please welding led lamp again or replace to good ones.

Q4: When the led module powered on, there is one row of led lamps or several rows of leading lack of color ?

A4: Check if 74HC138 Decoding Chip and 4953 line Management Chip the Power Pin whether poor welding or short circuit then fix it or replace to new Chip.

Q5:When LED module powered on, there is one line of led lamps the color display is inconsistent?

A5:This fault is caused by the failure of the driver IC pin that controls the color display in this area. First, this IC needs to be found, The correct driver IC can be found by the circuit diagram on the back of the LED module then replaced and repaired the driver IC.